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    BUSINESS IT ARCHITECTURE SUMMIT: Transforming Enterprise for Digital Empowerment

    0815AM  :        Conference Registration
    0900AM  :        Official Opening: Enterprise Architecture Leadership for Industry 4.0
    0915AM  :        Keynote: Digital Transformation for Malaysia Government
    0945AM  :        APAC Digital Enterprise Trend & Analysis
    1015AM  :        Morning Break
    1045AM  :        Panel Discussion: Leadership Competencies for Business and Innovation Leaders
    1130PM  :        Connecting Architecture to Business Strategy
    1230PM  :        Future - Proof your Enterprise Through Architecture
    1230PM  :        Lunch Break / CIO Lunch Discussion: Enterprise Strategy to Drive Digital Agility
    Government Track
    1400PM  :        Architecting the Digital Government for the Malaysian Public Sector
    1430PM  :        Panel Discussion #1: Put Digital Transformation into Practice
    1515PM  :        Afternoon Break
    15:45PM :        GovEA Implementation for Ministry Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government
    1630PM  :        Panel Discussion #2: Lesson Learned from GovEA Implementation at MAMPU & KPKT
    1700PM  :        Q & A / Wrap-up
    Enteprrise Track
    1400PM  :        How Malaysia Industry Move Towards Industry 4.0 with Digital Map
    1430PM  :       Panel Discussion #1: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Services Sectors
    1515PM  :       Afternoon Break
    1545PM  :       Implementing an Effective Big Data Strategy for New Digital Businesses
    1630PM  :       Panel Discussion #2: Digital Enterprise Architecture in Fintech and Insurtech
    1700PM  :            Q & A / Wrap-up 
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    BITAS Conference 2018, Malaysia has ended. Thank you for your support.