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    In the new digital economy, emerging technologies such as cloud, big data, mobile, digital contents, Internet of Things and smart machines set a new challenges for enterprise. At the Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference 2017, Iasa - An Association for all IT Architects, together with the local partners and communities, bring together international, regional and local industry leaders and practitioners to share best practices and skills that are required for the success in the new digital enterprise. In this annual regional conference across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, we will explore the digital business trends, how to build and sustain a business-driven Enterprise Architecture culture, and how to develop and optimize business capabilities for successful enterprise transformation.

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    Day 1

    0815AM  :       Conference Registration
    0900AM  :       Welcome by Iasa & Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    0915AM  :        Opening Keynote:  Enterprise Architecture For Digital Transformation
    0945AM  :        Panel Discussion: Trend & Strategy for the Digital Transformation
    1030AM  :        Morning Break
    1100AM  :        Topic: The SD-WAN Revolution: Enabling A New Generation Of WAN, Cloud                                              Connectivity & IoT
    1130AM  :        Topic : Digital Enterprise Architecture Map for Traceability and Troubleshooting
    1200PM  :        Topic: Digital Transformation Wave: Adapting the Business Firm's Enterprise                                   Architecture for The 3rd Platform
    1230PM  :        Lunch Break / CIO Lunch (By Invitation)
    Government Track
    1400PM  :        Topic: Architecting the Digital Government For the Malaysian Public Sector
    1430PM  :        Panel Discussion#1: Goodbye eGovt, It’s All About Digital Government
    1515PM  :        Afternoon Break
    1545PM  :        Topic: Establishing Digital Government through 1GovEA
    1615PM  :        Panel Discussion#2: Put Digital Transformation into Practice
    1700PM  :        Q&A / Wrap-up Day 1

    Enterprise Architecture Track
    1400PM  :        Topic: Digital EA vs Traditional EA

    1430PM  :        Panel Discussion#1: Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Business

    1515PM  :        Afternoon Break

    1545PM  :        Topic: 7 steps for Successful Digital Transformation through Enterprise Architecture
    1615PM  :        Panel Discussion#2: Value Proposition for a Business-Outcome-Driven Digital                                        Initiative

    1700PM  :        Q&A / Wrap-up

    Day 2

    0815AM  :        Conference Registration
    0900AM  :        Welcome by Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA)
    0915AM  :        Opening Keynote: Digital Economy for the Competitive Edge

    0945AM  :        Panel Discussion: Successful Strategy for Digital Transformation
    1030AM  :        Morning Break
    1100AM  :        Case Study: Digital Transformation from a Personal Perspective

    1130AM  :        Topic: Disrupt or being disrupted
    1200PM  :        Topic: Digital Strategies for Transformation
    1230PM  :        Lunch Break

    Government Track
    1400PM  :        Topic: Strategic Business Values of Enterprise Architecture

    1430PM  :        Panel Discussion#3: Moving forward from ISP to Enterprise Architecture
    1515PM  :        Afternoon Break

    1545PM  :        Case Study: 1GovEA Implementation for Ministry Urban Wellbeing, Housing and                                      Local Government

    1615PM  :        Panel Discussion#4: Lesson Learnt from 1GovEA Implementation at MAMPU &                                      KPKT
    1700PM  :        Q&A / Wrap-up

    Enterprise Architecture Track
    1400PM  :        Topic: The Role of Enterprise Architect in Your Digital Business

    1430PM  :        Panel Discussion#3: Driving Digital Business Transformation
    1515PM  :        Afternoon Break

    1545PM  :        Topic: Re-chartering EA for a Enterprise Modeling

    1615PM  :        Panel Discussion#4: EA Best Practices - From Strategy to Execution
    1700PM  :        Q&A / Wrap-up

    BITAS Conference 2017, Malaysia has ended. Thank you for your support.