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    0730AM  :       Executive Breakfast Registration (By Invitation Only)
    0800AM  :       Executive Breakfast: Getting Strategic Enterprise Architecture Buy-In
    From Key Enterprise Stakeholders
    Once upon a time - working in the IT industry, we thought that "we know what we already know". However, IT roles and functions have changed in the last decade from a business enabler to become strategic necessity thus helping enterprises grow and improve in their business capabilities. Hence, the enterprise transformation through Enterprise Architecture is highly critical for any organization to be successful in the 21st century by leveraging technology as a strategic vehicle to increase revenues and profits. Many enterprise key stockholders discover that they suddenly realized "they know what they do not know" on how Enterprise Architecture initiatives can bring together business and IT integration to generate revenues and profits for the organization.
    Mr. Aaron Tan Dani, Chairman, IASA Asia Pacific
    Mr. Ed Thompson, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner 
    0800AM  :        Conference Registration
    0900AM  :        Welcome
    0915AM  :        Opening Keynote
    Ms. Ng Wan Peng, Chief Operation Officer, MDeC
    0930AM  :        Keynote: Amplifying Digital Government Through Enterprise Architecture
    In steering and driving the capabilities of efficient digital Government, common best practices and innovations through the use of the right technology are required to bring up the nation competency through Enterprise Architecture adoption. On one hand, the driving force in Enterprise Architecture in the public sector is to deliver business values and new capability benefits to the agencies by identifying and solving business problems and not merely technology driven initiatives. On the other hand, the Enterprise Architecture approach would also streamline of ICT complexity, whereby efforts should be driven to simplify systems, remove duplication or shadow systems and leverage on IT to enhance the Public Sector’s delivery of services and relationships to the citizens and other enterprises. Finally, through the Enterprise Architecture excellent, the public sector ICT will also deliver Constituent Values to enable Malaysia to become Developed Nations earlier that the target 2020 as Citizens will have easy access to all public information and all government related transactions can be done via online with efficiency and convenient access points. This will raise the citizens' productivity and in turn increase the GDP of the country as all government related transactions and services can be done via online manner with faster access delivery and accuracy of the digital informations.
    Dr. Mohamad Zainuddi, Public Sector ICT Principal Consultant (Strategic), MAMPU
    1015AM  :        Morning Refreshment
    1045AM  :        Panel Discussion: Amplifying The Right Technology Investment For
    Enterprise Agility
    Many technology investments have been guided by principles established in the later decades of the automation era. Only recently, many enterprises realized the need for an effective technology investment strategy to be in place that focuses on integration, agility and reuse. This Panel/Forum section will discuss on what it takes for any enterprises to amplify their existing technology investment and adopt the right strategy to achieve enterprise agility.
    Charles Tan, PIKOM CIO Chapter and Group Chief Information Officer, AmBank

    • Daniel Lee, Chief Information Officer, Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad
    • Dr. Mohamad Zainuddi, Public Sector ICT Principal Consultant (Strategic), MAMPU
    • Ms. Raja Nor Zihan, Director of IT, Strategic Planning Division, MATRADE
    1130AM  :        Keynote: Achieving Enterprise ROI Through Business Capability Delivery
    In today’s technology driven environment and dynamic business landscape, most enterprise investments require a strong ROI justification. Businesses are expected to churn out new capabilities all the time and technology is used as a strategic vehicle in delivering new business capabilities. This section will discusses how to transform, improve and deliver business capabilities through IT projects.
    Daniel Lee, Chief Information Officer, Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad
    1215PM  :       Panel Discussion: Skills Transformation On "How To Think Technical, But
                Speak And Write Business"
    Technology has rapidly matured in the last 10 years and has become a necessary part of the business. However, many face challenges in transforming their technical teams to embrace business knowledge and connect what they do to benefit the business. Hence, the biggest challenge in making any technology investment succeed lies in developing these skills. This Panel/Forum section will discuss on how to identify and accelerate the development of critical skills to enable any technical person to speak and write business.
    Assoc. Prof. Wardah Binti Zainal Abidin, Vice President, Iasa Malaysia Chapter

    • Mr. Andrew Wong, Chief Executive Officer, MAD Incubator
    • Mr. Mohd. Nasry Awang, Chief Executive Officer, Odax Synergie Sdn Bhd
    • Mr. Steve Tan Lip Hooi, Head of Project Management Office, Resort World Genting
    0100PM  :        Lunch Break
    0200PM  :        Information Management - The Weakest Link In Your IT Value Chain?
    Most organizations have to cope with rapid and disruptive business change while utilizing evolving technology. This needs to be addressed from an end-to-end perspective, with close collaboration between a multitude of disciplines across the whole IT value chain. But who is the weakest link in the chain? In this interactive session, we will explore a notoriously weak link: information management. Information is an increasingly important business asset (e.g. using big data to gain competitive advantage) and information management is the link between the business and IT. But what does information management entail? Who is accountable and responsible? Have you got in under control? How can you demonstrate governance? Is there any guidance available?
    Moderator: Mr. Lyndon D'Oliveiro, Committee Member, Iasa Malaysia Chapter
    Speaker: Mr. Mark Smalley, Ambassador-in-chief, BiSL Foundation
    0245PM  :       Unlock The Power Of The Enterprise Architecture For Business Agility
    Today’s successful enterprises are still struggling to match their IT performance to business metrics due to business dynamics and market uncertainty as well as lack of enterprise architecture disciplines that limit the business agility. This session will look at how the FOUR IT architecture specializations (i.e. Business Architecture, Information Architecture, Software Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture) can amplify and unleash the power of enterprise architecture to achieve business agility.
    En. Hasan Ganny, President, Iasa Malaysia Chapter
    0315PM  :        Afternoon Refreshment
    0345PM  :        Panel Discussion: Achieving A Dynamic And Engaging Transformation
                 Office In The 21st Century
    Today enterprises are going through major transformations in themselves and technology is playing a key role in making these succeed. In addition, the global business landscape is changing rapidly due to fast moving market trends. New technologies are crafting the future model of the next generation business world. Organizations are under immense pressure to adopt to changing trends and evolving technologies to keep pace with the dynamic environment. This Panel/Forum session discusses the strategic long-term and short-term IT roadmap and IT Portfolio that are integral to the enterprise business goals.

    En. Hasan Ganny, President, Iasa Malaysia Chapter

    • Prof. Dr. Mokhtar Mohd Yusof, Professor of Faculty of Information Technology and Communication, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
    • Mr. Vinu Jade, Chief Enterprise Architect, Maybank
    • Mr. Aaron Tan Dani, Chairman, Iasa Asia Pacific
    0415PM  :      Closing Keynote: Connecting Business And Technology Strategies To Drive A
               Competitive Edge
    The ultimate goal of any business is to be the market leader and to stay ahead of its competitors. Technology plays a critical role in achieving this. The disconnect between business & IT strategies can have a crippling effect on the enterprise. To avoid such pitfalls, the organization must connect and integrate both the business and IT strategic planning so IT strategy can help the business in achieving its enterprise strategic goals. This section discusses on how to connect business and technology strategy to achieve a competitive edge.
    Mr. Aaron Tan Dani, Chairman, Iasa Asia Pacific
    0500PM  :        End Of Conference

    BITAS Conference 2013, Malaysia has ended. Thank you for your support.