DIGITAL ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE SEMINAR 2018: Transforming Enterprise with Digital Reformation

    0830AM  :        Conference Registration

    0900AM  :        Welcome Speech by Singapore Computer Society

    0915AM  :        Official Opening: Enterprise Architecture Leadership for Industry 4.0

    0945AM  :        PlenaryPanel #1: Strategy in Balancing Digital Challenges and Benefits

    1015AM  :        Morning Break                      

    1045AM  :        Topic 1: Strategic Plan for Digital Reformation

    1130PM  :        Topic 2: Connecting Architecture to Business Strategy

    1230PM  :        PlenaryPanel #2: Digital Business Reformation, What, Why & How

    1315PM  :        Lunch Break / CIO Lunch Discussion:  Enterprise Strategy to Drive Digital Agility

    1430PM  :        Topic 3: How to Leapfrog Towards Industry 4.0 with Digital Enterprise Map

    1500PM  :       Topic 4: Digital Reformation Trends and Practices in Public Sectors

    1530PM  :       Afternoon Break

    1600PM  :       Topic 5: : Implementing an Effective Emerging Technology Strategy for New Digital Businesses

    1630PM  :       PlenaryPanel #3: Enterprise Architecture to Tame Digital Tsunami

    1715PM  :       Q & A / Wrap-up

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